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Ch 1

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Chapter 1

Coralline's body glided through the seawater, her white and grey fur sliding with the pattern of her grace. The pounding of the surf off Mount Fa'arn tickled her right side, while the warm current from the rift brought smells of loam and seaweed to her snout. She loved this time best of all. Work was done; guard duty was still a day away; and Pajo wouldn't miss her in lessons for at least another twenty minutes. She was free. Oh, how good it felt.

Somewhere up and to the left, the calling came. The music of it sounded full of salt and seafoam, and moved like twelve foot waves against a jagged cliff. She flipped sideways and swam in a new channel, her body undulating to the new sea tune. The strange up direction didn't hit her until after she'd sung her answer. Up was air and dryness and walking on two legs. Her people couldn't call without being in full fur, and they hated to live out of the water like that. Many times she'd stripped halfway and allowed herself to bake on the warm sands. Always when she did, Sylvie or Joshu would have to fetch her. She could not hear when she was in the up, and she certainly couldn't call.

There again the call came. Very close, and very up. Sylvie swam over to Coralline from the Shinglehouse shoals and shot her the critical question, "How can it be from up, Coral?"

It couldn't.

"I don't know, Sylvie. Come, let's see." and Coralline broke surface and came into the up.

The sun was low in the sky, though neither Coralline nor Sylvie could have *told whether it was coming or going. The air was warm and moving gently so Coral stripped to half fur. As *mer she began to swim to shore. She could see something or someone at the spot where the call emanated. It took her a moment to realize it was a legendary "man". Excited, Coralline picked up speed. It was the first time she'd ever seen one, though she'd heard plenty about them.

They didn't have fur like Selkies. Instead, they often wore the fur of others to move around in and keep them warm. Coral thought that somewhat indecent and extremely erotic. She picked up her pace once more. Sylvie found it hard to keep up with her.

Sylvie nudged Coralline, "It's coming from the cow, Coral."

"That's a lady, Sylvie." She automatically corrected, "Cows are Selkie."

"Then it's coming from the lady. Will you look! By the deep, she's beautiful!"

Indeed she was. The lady stood on the glittering sand and moved her hands in a rhythm that stirred the Selkies' hearts. Her hair was long and silken, and its white strands moved to the rhythm of the winds. The sun shone on and through it as if a nimbus of light enveloped her.

"She's Sewanis," Sylvie whispered. She stripped off her fur completely and waded to shore. Sylvie, the younger of the duo spoke of the Selkie Deity of peace. In truth the lady did resemble that goddess.

When she spoke, the illusion dissipated somewhat for the lady's voice--though quite pleasant--was not of the sea. "I am Oonah, I need to find transportation to that island." She pointed north west toward mount Fa'arn, invisible from this vantage. "Can you help us?"

"Anything if you wish it, My Lady Oonah." Sylvie answered.

By all rights, it should have been Coral's duty to talk, since she was the elder Selkie there. She didn't notice the affront, though, because the men who accompanied Oonah had gathered round and were looking her over. Some of them were even handsome by Selkie standards. Then she saw their "borrowed" fur and started to blush. It was true after all what the elders said about the perversions of the Drylanders!

One of them smiled and stepped closer. He had eyes the color of the warm banks where the mating took place. Since she was already blushing, she giggled and stepped back away from the bright yellow/green canopy of the nearby forest and toward the familiar sea.

Sylvie followed, calling, "We'll return soon."

"What have I done?" Sylvie said when they finally slipped into full fur and headed to the deeps.


"I promised her a way to get to Mound Fa'arn. Why didn't you stop me?"

"Sylvie, you didn't!" Coralline flipped around a coral spear and swung to face the younger Selkie. Sylvie had to *under-flip and *[#skull|skull] backwards to keep from smashing her friend nose to nose.

"'Where were you? There I am, *swimming with my sonar off and you stand there blushing at a bunch of barbarian bulls!"

"Now Sylvie, don't get your *flippers crossed." Coral answered quietly. "There must be some way to make good on your promise."

"Sure, I study my lessons. A boat would get them there." Her gills began to ripple from upset. "Do you know where there's a boat? Have you ever seen a boat?"

"Yes." Coralline said.

"I'm not even sure they exis..." Sylvie blinked, "What did you say?"

"I've seen a boat. I know where to find one."

"You did? You do?" Sylvie said excitedly, "Where?"

"Sylvie, calm down. You've started to muddy the water. I don't know if it'll still work," Coral began to move north and west so the other Selkie followed, "or even if it's still there. But it is a boat."

  • Under-flip: Standard swimming term meaning to flip the body to go the other direction by going down, not up or sideways.
  • Skull: Standard swimming term meaning to use your hands (or in this case flippers) to propel you.
  • Told: to say positively; determine; predict
  • Mer: the species to which Mermaids belong.
  • Swimming with my sonar off: oblivious, unthinking, out to lunch
  • Flippers crossed: Panties in a twist.

Chapter 2