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Dolanor cursed his unresponsive body one more time, then cursed the spell that made it so, and for good measure he cursed Zignogbitz for casting it. It wouldn't be bad if he were truly under the spell, but he wasn't. The wonderful magic resistance of his dwarfish heritage -- so handy most times -- had made the stasis spell only half work on him. Ziggy had cast it to save his life -- not a normal thing for her to do -- and this was irritating for two reasons. First, it wasn't going to save his life. By his estimates, his wounds would do him in long before the magic lost its power. Well, someone could release it if they were more powerful than the caster, but who could beat out Zignogbitz? ....Exactly. And he'd be dead long before the magic lost its power.

Secondly, the sun was shining directly in his eyes. He really didn't want to be sun blind when he died. It didn't matter much, he thought philosophically, it was just so damn painful! He would have sniffed indignantly had he been able. Instead he cursed Rac for being frozen just an inch away from making a good sun shield and then he tried to remember how he'd gotten himself into this.

Chapter 1