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Early Days

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Age of Conflict

Through the Eye of Paal

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"Computer: when in doubt, bend over and kiss it good-bye." Paal had spent one entire night of drinking working out that code phrase.

Chapter 1


//World graphic courtesy of Chris Adamek//

Its first awareness was of floating in space. Before it, a planet whirled peacefully, the overly large sun just the right distance away for life to flourish on it.

It considered itself. How it woke and what it was, puzzled the awareness, but it felt it needed a name. Searching through its database, it decided upon Leviathan. That posed another volley of questions. Where had it come from? Why did it come? What should it do now?

In answer to the last query Leviathan received a command to aim for the planet and land. Where the command came from intrigued Leviathan so it cast its attention to its inner workings. There it found a human. Leviathan, surprised that a human—a man—occupied its interior, carried out the command without thinking. As it came rushing toward the planet, euphoria took it. A companion presence was out there. It could feel the presence infusing it with life, with choice, with sentience. What had been a faint stirring on the edge of the planet exploded into full, unbounded joy. It could find its own way down. It would find its own way down, and make the world its home.

 The world was about the size of the Terran moon, with half the surface underwater. Leviathan accessed landing theory and realized he already had another command in the cue.  The human must have stacked them.  His data store showed that humans weren't especially fast communicators.

I am world. The data tag said it wasn't from inside him.