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Ashes to Ashes

Chapter 1


The cat struggled to get out of his arms, but Phineas held tight. The frightful gash on its ear was infected. Even as young as he was, he knew that a sore like that would eventually kill the beast.

"What shall I do, mama?" He asked with tears cleaning his grimy cheek.

"Hush, little one. Your father would not be pleased to see you crying over such as this. Come. I will give you a lesson in the medical arts. The clan will expect you to know this art when you are grown." Carefully she wiped his tears away, fearful that her husband might see them as a weakness in his eldest son.

The two were just finishing dressing the ear when Phineas' father showed up. "What is this?" The patriarch boomed, bushy eyebrows pulled together in a frown.

"Calm yourself, husband. I needed something wounded to show your son how to properly dress a cut and keep disease and rot from taking hold."

His father scowled a moment more before admitting the logic, then left to find someone else to growl at.

Chapter 2